The city of Chaouen - Chefchaouen


Chefchaouen has an extraordinary historical heritage. This city is a visitor's paradise full of beautiful and interesting Andaluz influenced architecture built by the Arab and Jewish people who were expelled from Spain at the end of the 15th century.


Head up the Uta Hamman to the Grand Mosque, an imposing, octagonal building or take mint tea at a cafe whilst nonchalantly watching the comings and goings of the calm and  simple way of life in Chefchaouen.


Lose yourself in history as you follow colourful pathways decorated with pebbles which have been polished by the slippers of our ancestors.  Look up at the facades of the houses which are white, blue and purple complimenting the brightly blue painted shutters and ancient doors which were supposed to dazzle  insects.  Patios and steps are adorned by colourful flowering plants reflecting the Andaluz and  Spanish traditions of our city.


Every scene is like a Delacroix painting where the light plays on the wrought iron gates, the ochres of the tiles and the faces of the people of Chefchaouen.

piscine-darechchaouen   chaouen_raselma